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I forgot my password!

In order to log into Duet, you must use the username and password you chose when you signed up. Or, if you are student or parent, use the username and password given to you by your teacher. Passwords ARE case sensitive. This means that "mypassword" is NOT the same as "MyPassword".

The passwords stored on our server are encrypted for security, so we do not know your password. Therefore, if you have forgotten your password, it will need to be reset.

You may reset your password by entering your email address below, and we will send your username and instructions how to reset your password to the email address on your account.

Reset Password

If you have reset your password and are still having trouble logging in, please contact your teacher. Or, if you are a teacher, you may contact us.

User Testimonials

  • "At first I wasn't sure about signing up for MTH, but I will never regret it! I love the huge variety of services on MTH since I can now keep my studio organized all in one place! The lending library was a great help during recital season and I got all my books back, which is a first! "
    Melody Siemens, Alberta Canada
  • "Music Teacher's Helper saved my business and my love for what I do. The calendar makes it so easy to schedule students. The invoicing function ensures that all students know how much is due and when. The website feature has helped me to create an amazing web presence."
    Andrew McCormick, Bangor, Maine
  • "I don't know what took me so long to sign up with Music Teachers Helper. I was keeping all of my records on my computer with a hodge podge of Excel, Word, and Outlook Express."
    Stephanie James Hoffpauir, Broussard, Louisiana
  • "Everything that MTH offers: the website, the invoicing, the online payments... has greatly contributed to the success of my studio! It has brought a level of professionalism, that has resulted in the trust and confidence of the parents, which is absolutely invaluable to me as a teacher!"
    Brooke Baker, Portland, OR

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